This is our team of Belgian draft horses, Julie and Lady. Aren't they beautiful?!

They are about 17.2 hands high (5'8" at the shoulder), weigh close to 2000 pounds, and pull our wagons with ease.

They are very gentle and traffic safe and we are fortunate to own them. Horses of their size are not often seen in Southern California, making them very popular with the public.

We also use our team of Belgian draft mules, Kate and Judy, to pull our wagons.
They are gentle, love to be rubbed, and are workaholics.
As our company grew, so did our inventory of wagons.
All of our wagons are equipped with hydraulic brakes, brake lights, turn signals,
and they are street legal. They are maintained by Richie on a regular basis.

This is our 10 passenger wagon. It can be decorated to any occasion. We have used it for the presentation of a bridal party, given rides at school carnivals,and even to carry a casket during a funeral procession.

This is our 14 passenger wagon. It can also be decorated to any occasion. We have used it to give rides at a local pumpkin patch, grand openings of Wal-Mart and new home developments, and of course,
Christmas caroling.

This is our 20 passenger wagon. It has removable benches so the passengers can sit on the floor in loose hay for a true "hay ride". We have used this wagon to give rides to church youth groups, square dancing groups, private parties, and it was recently used on a television reality show.
Our prices vary, depending on your location and requirements.
Please call me with your party plans and we can discuss the details and price.
We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis so we recommend you make advance reservations.
We welcome all visitors to our home, so if you would like to meet "the girls"
or the mules, please call me and I'll be glad to make those arrangements.

Whether your event is in town or in the country, please call Town And Country Carriage for your equine needs.