The petting zoo is a favorite among young and old.

All of our animals are friendly, gentle, and healthy.
They are accustomed to being petted and have been visited by
many children and adults alike. We have a nice variety of farm animals
in our zoo. Springtime usually brings us a new crop of baby goats,
sheep, rabbits, potbellied pigs, chickens and ducks. There is nothing
cuter than baby goats bouncing around as if they were
on springs and playing with each other.

We set up a portable corral using wire grid fence panels which total 120 linear feet and can be formed into any shape to fit your location. Visitors can come right into the corral with the animals and stay as long as they want during our stay. Visitors can roam around among the animals and witness their normal behaviors at play and at rest.

We always operate the petting zoo in a safety conscience manner, be as courteous as possible, and keep the grounds free of trash and manure. We are proud of our animals and take steps necessary to maintain their good health and welfare. They have full access to food and water while they are at work. For their safety, no one will be allowed to pick them up or chase them.

We are available for church functions, school carnivals, corporate events, and of course, birthday parties.
Whether you want four animals and one pony at a birthday party, or a large scale zoo for a large group of people, we have the perfect set up for you.

Be it in town or in the country, please call Town And Country Carriage for your equine and animal needs.