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    Our Cinderella Carriage is very popular with today's modern brides and is the most requested. It will seat up to four adults. It has hydraulic brakes, brake lights, turn signals, and is street legal.  

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  This is our horse, Frank. Isn't he handsome?!
Frank is about 16.1 hands high (5' 4" at the shoulder) and weighs about 1700 pounds. He is quite charming and a complete gentleman. He has years of experience pulling a carriage on the street and he is very traffic safe. We have complete confidence in Frank's ability to get the job done safely.Our vis-à-vis carriage (French term, meaning face-to-face) and will seat up to four adults. It has hydraulic brakes, brake lights, turn signals, and is street legal.  Even though it is ten years old, it still looks like new.)
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carriage rides

Both carriages are mechanically maintained on a regular basis and they are stored inside to protect them from the elements.
We reserve our carriage for only weddings in order to minimize their wear.

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Frank will be given a hair cut and bath, his harness will be polished, and the carriage will be washed and vacuumed on the morning of your wedding. Be assured that when we arrive for your wedding, our horse and carriage will be sparkling clean and one that you will be proud to ride in. Every wedding is unique and we can adapt our services to fit your needs. Traditionally, the bride and her father arrive in the carriage together. At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, all eyes will be on you as you are whisked away for a romantic carriage ride. It is this slow method of travel in today's fast-paced world that affords the bridal couple a much needed time to relax and enjoy the clippity-clop of the horse's hooves. They can unwind before returning to their guests at the reception. Photographs may be taken at any time.

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When planning to include a horse and carriage at your wedding, there are two things to consider. A horse only walks approximately three miles per hour, so we are limited by time; and it is difficult for a horse to pull the carriage up hill, so we are limited to flat, level, terrain. If you are uncertain about having a horse and carriage for your wedding, just call me
and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our prices vary, depending on your location and requirements.
Please call me with your wedding plans and we can discuss the details and price.

We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis and recommend you make advance reservations.
We welcome all visitors to our home, so if you would like to meet Frank or see our carriage up close,
please call me and I'll be glad to make those arrangements.